martes, 06 de noviembre de 1554

27 años

Relato del día: Simon Renard al Emperador.


Sire: The King and Queen, having heard my report on my negotiations at Brussels with your Majesty and Cardinal Pole, decided to speak to the Privy Council about the Cardinal's mission to England with a view to bringing the matter forward at the next session of Parliament, for they had assured themselves of the goodwill of the Earls of Arundel and Pembroke and some other Councillors whose attitude had been dubious. This was done on Saturday last, and it was unanimously decided that Paget and the Queen's Master of the Horse should go to Brussels and accompany the Legate hither, and that provided the holders of Church property were not molested in their possession, obeisance should be owned to the Church, for it had not been withdrawn because of any injury done to England by the Pope, or anything of the sort, but merely on account of the question of Queen Catherine's marriage, and most unreasonably. So Paget and the Master of the Horse are starting to-morrow. Your Majesty knows how much Paget did for the match and his constant devotion to your service, so I will only add in his favour that he is a man of great experience; and I trust that, with God's help, the Legate's mission may be executed in a manner conducive to His holy service and the welfare of Christendom.

While I was at Brussels, the French ambassador's brother went over to the French King and brought back letters of credence addressed to the Queen, in virtue of which he congratulated her on her marriage. The ambassador would have liked the King to be present, but it was not considered suitable that the King should comply with his wishes, as he had neither letters nor instructions to appear before him. The Constable of France has written to the Chancellor, but all I have so far gathered of the tenor of his letter is that it discusses means of making peace in general terms.

There is no doubt that the Queen is with child, for her stomach clearly shows it and her dresses no longer fit her.

Things are quieter in this realm than they have been for the last two months; only the English and Spanish servants are always picking quarrels, a matter for which remedies are being devised.I suggested to the Queen that she might have a proposal to crown the King brought forward during this next Parliament, and she considered it reasonable. I cited the precedent of Queen Catherine, her lady mother, who was crowned. The upshot of the matter shall be made known to your Majesty as soon as possible.Several English lords are offering to serve the King in this war, but they are being neither refused nor accepted, your Majesty's directions thus being followed.

Signed. French.


Vienna, Staatsarchiv, E.22.

Calendar of State Papers, Spain, Volume 13, 1554-1558

Edited by Royall Tyler.

Published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1954.


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