lunes, 1 de enero de 1554

26 años

Carta de Juan Manrique de Lara, embajador en Roma, al Emperador.

Don Juan Manrique De Lara al Emperador. 

I have already written to your Majesty about the goodwill displayed by the Pope where the marriage between the Prince and the Queen of England is concerned. My words were certainly too feeble to depict the joy he showed to-day, January 1st, for I believe he was never so much pleased about anything in his life, though his election delighted him greatly at the time. Nothing I could say would be too strong. When I was introduced he had just finished saying mass and was preparing to go down to chapel. He immediately commanded the brief to be drawn up, and he has thought of nothing all day long but of having it composed in a way that shall be wholly satisfactory. Your Majesty may make sure of obtaining anything that either you or the Prince may need, for I have never seen anything so obvious as his goodwill in this matter, for he says he verily believes that God is reserving the Prince to do Him great service, and to make him the greatest prince in the world.

I promise your Majesty that I might let my pen run on without fear of exaggerating. There are various reasons why the Pope should be pleased, but what concerns your Majesty and the Prince is the chief cause. I implore your Majesty to show him that you are aware of it. and that you are grateful for his attitude, as well as because of the creation of the two cardinals, without delaying so long as to miss making the favourable impression that would be caused by a prompt reply.

He (the Pope) is busy sending off the nuncio, who is a member of the Order of St. Dominic, a man of birth and a great scholar. Formerly he was Master of the Sacred Palace, and he has now received the archbishopric of Conza in the kingdom (of Naples) and the title of nuncio. I believe that your Majesty will find it agreeable to negotiate with him, for he is a good man and true, who proceeds in an open manner with all comers, besides which he is devoted to your Majesty.

If English affairs made it possible to allow the Cardinal  to continue on his journey, if not as far as the kingdom (of England) itself, at anyrate to your Majesty's Court and remain there for some time, he deserves that favour, and would be very glad of it, for his reputation suffers by his remaining so far away from your Court. I beg your Majesty to be pleased to order replies to be sent on private affairs for none of them have received the slightest attention all the time I have been here.

His Holiness was deeply grieved to hear of your Majesty's bad hand and accepts the excuse. To-morrow I shall lay before him the report you sent me so that he may see that you have acted from the best motives and oblivious of self-interest in this matter. Up to the present he seemed unable to believe that that kingdom (England) was really going to be led back (into the Catholic fold), but he now looks upon it as an accomplished fact, such is his opinion of your Majesty's zeal. He is writing you a congratulatory brief, besides which the dispensation is being sent off, and the copy need not be signed. The leaden-sealed Bull is to be drawn up, and I believe the nuncio will take it with him. I will try to obtain a copy of the brief and send it by another messenger.

Rome, 1 January, 1554.

Holograph. Spanish.

Batalla de Trafalgar - Autor: Frederick Merck
Juan Manrique de Lara. Grabado calcográfico anónimo recogido en Teatro eroico, e politico de'governi de'Vicere del Regno de Napoli, de Domenico Antonio Parrino, Nápoles, 1692-1694

Simancas, E.879

Calendar of State Papers, Spain, Volume 12, 1554

Edited by Royall Tyler.

Published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1949.


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