miércoles, 15 de abril de 1587

59 años

Isabel de Inglaterra a su embajador en Flandes, Lord Buckhurst.

Carta a Lord Buckhurst

Finding by a later letter to Mr. Secretary from our ambassador Wilkes that he has been informed that Count Hohenlo has had secret intelligence with the Prince of Parma, "which being true, considering how the Count Hohenlo is possessed of divers principal towns in the which the captains and soldiers are altogether at his devotion," it is to be feared he may deliver these up to the Prince, whereby the enemy may have the more easy entry into those countries:

we desire you to confer with Col. Norreys and Mr. Wilkes what course to take, "which as we perceive may be best performed by seizing the person of Hohenlo," drawing him "under colour of conference with you about matters of great importance...into some town devoted to us and not affected to Hohenlo, when you may take order for his restraint, being first furnished with sufficient matter to charge him withal, which we wish to be done in the presence of such principal persons of that country as are held for good patriots and have credit with the people." 

But before doing this, you shall, upon conference with Col. Norreys and Wilkes so proceed that the frontier towns now guarded and possessed by governors and captains placed there by the said Hohenlo, may not upon his restraint revolt to the enemy but may, by some good means to be devised by you, remain still at the devotion of the States of the United Provinces.

Copy of letter in cypher. Endd. by Wilkesp. [Holland XIV. f. 76.]



Calendar of State Papers Foreign: Elizabeth, Volume 21, part 3, April-December 1587.

Holland and Flanders (2).

ed. Sophie Crawford Lomas and Allen B Hinds.

Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1929.


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