martes, 7 de febrero de 1559

31 años

Carta de Juana de Austria Princesa de Portugal.

Catalogue description:

JOANNA OF AUSTRIA: (1535-1573) Princess of Portugal. Daughter of Holy Roman Emperor Charles V and mother of King Sebastian of Portugal.

She served as Regent of Spain to her brother King Philip II, during his trip to England to marry Mary I of England.

Rare L.S., `Yo la Princessa´, one page, folio, Valladolid, 7th February 1559, in old Spanish.

On behalf of her brother the King of Spain, Princess Joanne authorizes Don Rodrigo de Narvaez y Rojas, Mayor of Antequera, to bind his belongings for the purchase of a land property. A lengthy and carefully written text. Countersigned. Bearing to the verso a large royal paper seal affixed. A large water stain to the upper and lower borders, although not affecting the signature. Overall creasing and age wear, with few tears to the centre fold. F to G

At the age of sixteen Joanna married the fourteen years old Prince John Manuel of Portugal, her double first cousin. Less than two years later, aged sixteen, Prince John Manuel died of tuberculosis, however Joanna was pregnant. Four months after giving birth to future King Sebastian, Princess Joanna aged nineteen, returned to Spain, leaving her new-born son with her mother-in-law and aunt Catherine of Austria, Queen of Portugal and younger sister of Charles V.

Joanne died at the early age of 38, and few years later her son Sebastian, King of Portugal, aged 24, died at the Battle of the Three Kings in Morocco. As a result of his death, Philip II of Spain became King of Portugal.

Batalla de Trafalgar - Autor: Frederick Merck
Carta de Juana de Austria, 1559.

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